Confirmed: Playstation Network Outage Caused by Hacking


Playstation Network Outage

It would appear that outages may continue for users of the Playstation Network and Qriocity services.

Two days ago Sony’s Playstation and music networks went down and the Internet was rife with speculation as to the cause of the outages. Many users blamed the outages on datacenters and technical difficulties, while some blamed hacking groups Anonymous and 4chan.

After 24 hours of media silence from Sony, their blog has finally been updated blaming the outage on an ‘external intrusion’. Sony could, however, not point fingers at a specific group who may be responsible for the outages. Sony also confirmed that they had turned down the networks on Wednesday in order to conduct an investigation into the matter.

There was no word on when exactly the networks will be made available to users again.

The Playstation Network currently has more than 70 million users and acts as Sony’s online medium for its Playstation 3 and PSP consoles. Currently, the outage has lasted for longer than 48 hours and has become a disaster for the company.


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