Consumers More Into Android – Nielsen


Consumers More Into Android – Nielsen

Less than a year ago, Nielsen announced it monthly-ran surveys in the United States where a number of 33% of participants expressed an interest for an Apple iPhone, around 26% wanted a device ran by Android and 13% wanted a BlackBerry. This survey was conducted July to September 2010, and an indication of how fast times can change!

Today the company announced the same surveys for January to March 2011 and it now shows 31% of participants plan to get a smartphone driven by Android. Those interested in an iPhone dipped to around 30%.

The survey also showed that interest for a Windows Phone device has dipped from 7% to 6%.

Asked about recent sales at a retail outlet in the past 6 months, more than half of the consumers indicated that they have acquired an Android device. A quarter of these consumers indicated that they have acquired an Apple iPhone. Around 15% of consumers indicated that they bought themselves a BlackBerry.

source Nielsen


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