Google Trademarks Photovine – Possible Photo Sharing Service to be Launched?


Google Photovine

Google just got rumors mills flaring up around the Internet after it recently submitted a new trademark application. On the 7th of June 2011 the company filed a USPTO application for the name Photovine, which got rumors claiming that the company may be looking at launching some photo-sharing service.

According to the trademark application documents, the service is dedicated to: “transmission of visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, the Internet, information services networks and data networks.”

It also appears as if Google also already acquired the corresponding domain name, which indicates that it will indeed be a web-based service.

So, whether this will be a cloud-based application, a photo-sharing service or something to replace Picasa, we look forward to an official announcement from the company on its new service.


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