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How many emails do you get every day? Ever since email overtook phones and fax machines as the primary means of business communication, our inboxes have accumulated a massive amount of messages and to-dos. From communicating with clients and tracking deadlines to managing a project and sharing results, we spend most of our days weeding through our inboxes instead of getting work done. But when it comes to project management and email productivity, nothing beats Wrike’s task management software. Wrike is a free project management app that integrates with email, so you can turn email messages into actionable tasks with a single click—without ever leaving your inbox. Plus, it’s social collaboration features help teams collaborate and improve visibility, efficiency, and performance.

If you’re new to Wrike and you’ve been desperately searching for a good project management tool for your company, here are some of the most useful features of Wrike’s agile project management software that you should know:

Easy organization of personal tasks
The building blocks of the Wrike workspace are projects and tasks. Create, schedule, and assign work and break large projects into smaller tasks and subtasks, and keep everything organized in an easy-to-navigate folder tree. Keep tasks private, or share them with specific colleagues or whole departments by @mentioning them in task comments.

Efficient Task Management
Wrike makes task management easy by allowing you to tag tasks into as many folders as you like, without creating confusing duplicates. Real-time collaborative editing, a built-in timer, task comments and @mentioning all make communicating, prioritizing, and collaborating on work simple and straightforward. You can also attach documents and images directly to related Wrike tasks either from cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, or straight from your computer, to keep all your work information organized and accessible. Schedule tasks using the built-in timeline software, or Gantt Chart, which creates a visual timeline of all your deadlines and milestones, and displays work progress in real time. This online scheduling solution makes it easy to track work and ensure nothing is left overdue.

World-Class Customer Support
Wrike is serious about offering best-in-class customer support, with 24/7 assistance available via live chat, phone, and email. In addition, users can access video tutorials, how-tos, introductory guides, and more in the Wrike Help Center, or connect with other users for practical tips and best practices in the Wrike Community.

Pricing structure is affordable and scalable
In addition to the free version, which offers basic task management for small teams, Wrike offers a variety of subscription plans for teams of all sizes and industries. It’s also simple to add users as your team grows and your company scales. The Professional subscription offers full project planning and collaboration starting at $9.80/user/month. The Business subscription includes robust work management with customization and executive reporting for $24.80/user/month. Wrike for Marketers is a solution tailor-made for marketing and creative teams that starts at $34.80/user/month. Wrike Enterprise is a comprehensive solution with advanced security and controls, with pricing available on request.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wrike’s tools for agile project management, take a product tour or start a free two-week trial.


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