Is Technology Taking Over House Buying?


It is an obvious and apparent fact that technology, especially wearable tech, is embedding itself within our culture, society and life. It is happening in such a way that it’s beginning to alter the way we interact with the world around us. In addition to being able to engage more deeply with sporting events like the Olympics, we’ve also been able to take our first steps into connecting wearable technology with fashion. However, the advancements don’t stop there. An article by The Telegraph has opened our eyes to just how far gadgets like Google Glass can go within the housing sector.

As unexpected as it may sound, this cutting edge piece of kit is set to change everything we’ve become accustomed to when looking around houses. Just as estate agents changed from catalogues to internet listings, they’re now on about using Google Glass. This is to take pictures and videos to then send to potential buyers. Besides the pure brilliance that buyers would be able to view homes from wherever they are in the world, the other, arguably better benefit, is how intimate the experience of browsing the house will be.

When you take a look of photographs or video clips online, they don’t allow you to get a true sense of the depth and dynamics of each room, whereas wearable technology does. The fact that Google Glass sits on your face like a pair of glasses means that viewers of each photo or video will get a real sense of the building they’re viewing. This innovation coupled with viewing the property from wherever you are means that second or even third viewings could become obsolete. However, is all this more speculation than reality? explain that an important part of the house buying process is actually being able to have a real life, tangible experience of the house you could end up living in. Although there is no denying how easy and convenient virtual tours like those intended would be, surely they are more a small section of the entire experience and not the whole thing? After all, although your estate agent can show you every nook and cranky, there’s nothing like seeing it in the harsh light of day for yourself. Furthermore, as well as appreciating the property for yourself, it’s also good to continue to use specialists when it comes to conveyance.


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