Chromecast apps are Now highlighted in the Play Store

chromecast apps

chromecast apps

The announcement of Google’s Chromecast device was met with a lot of appraisal, and many critics and smartphone users were very happy with the $35 device. Unfortunately though, the lack of support or information about supported apps the for Chromecast has turned a few customers away.

For those that don’t know, the Chromecast is an affordable portable device that allows users to replicate the smart TV experience. Instead of having to buy a brand new TV with smart capabilities built in, users can instead plug in the Chromecast and then use the TV and make use of the Chromecast’s Android experience.

The Chromecast relies on your Android smartphone or tablet to send content to the TV, from where you can view content and interact with it on the big screen.

Like mentioned before, app compatibility isn’t the greatest at the moment, and until now, there really wasn’t any way to determine what apps worked well on the big screen, and what apps failed completely, but Google seem determined to work on providing a much better experience for those looking to use the Chromecast device.

To offer an easier, more user friendly experience for the Chromecast, Google have started to highlight apps that have a more Chromecast-friendly experience, similarly to how they started to highlight well-developed tablet apps last week.

This will allow Chromecast owners to find the most usable software for their TV quickly, and should help them to choose the service that will prove to be most useful when hand-in-hand with the $35 device.

At this point in time, there is a limited selection of apps that have been highlighted as Chromecast friendly, but this list is bound to grow as more developers work on optimizing their applications for the big screen.

This is great news, and I’m happy that the Google Play Store is evolving to provide better support to other types of Android equipment out there.

Source: 9 to 5 Google


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