Custom Fling utility for Chromecast turns your HDMI enabled TV into a SmartTV


The latest Google gadget Chromecast, an HDMI dongle that plugs into TV and allows you to stream and control video and audio files from your phone, tablet or PC using Chrome browser.

In his post, Texas developer Leon Nicholls shows how anybody can stream local media directly from their computers to their ChromeCast gadget with no browser required.

All you need to do is to install official Java JRE from Oracle and download custom version of Fling app updated by Leon Nicholls from this link. It is an OpenSource app and the source code is available here.

With this solution available, you may turn your HDMI-enabled TV into a Smart TV and it will be cheaper than buying a smart TV. Fling using VLC cross-platform streaming solution for media files transcoding so, now you can stream previously unsupported media, including popular HD MKV files.

When we are talking about WiFi streaming, of course the strong wireless connection really matters, and we don’t want to jump to conclusions without seeing and testing this gadget ourselves, but ability to send anything you have on your PC over to your TV using $35 device and the fact that Chromecast supply devices sold out within the first few hours clearly shows that significant demand for such a gadget does exist.


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