Are You A Tech-Savvy College Student? Why You Need to Get on the Bandwagon Now


Technology empowers students and helps prepare them for when they graduate and start their careers, according to a study on the role of technology on students conducted by EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. The findings showed the impact of technology on college students.

College students are more tech-savvy now

Improving college performance and career readiness is easy with technology. According to findings from information obtained by Presta, an electronics company, from various trusted sources, technology has impacted students’ lives. Out of 500 students surveyed, 91% use email to communicate with their professors. 365 said they can’t study without technology. 70% of them no longer take notes on paper but use keyboards instead.

Technology has also allowed students to easily collaborate on projects and perform study groups through different applications like Skype. Even taking down notes is easier with Evernote. There are so many apps for creating lists and even recording long lectures. It’s also transformed the landscape of classes. Today, 12 million students are taking online classes and they’re expected to grow to 22 million in the next 5 years.

Furthermore, the EDUCAUSE study found that a hybrid learning environment, one that combines online supplement and a face-to-face learning, helped 70% of students learn more effectively. 64% of those surveyed believe that “technology elevates the level of teaching.”
Is it really important to use gadgets for studies?

Professors are starting to integrate technology in their lessons. And students are taking notice. In fact, 68% of students are satisfied with their professors’ use of technology in lessons. Gadgets have become indispensable in learning. Though your ability to perform well in school is not really determined by whether or not you have laptops, smartphones, and tablets, they definitely make the process a lot more convenient.

More and more students are realizing the importance of these learning tools. 85% of students believe that laptops are very important. 86% own one and 63% use smartphones. These, as well as other devices like thumb drives, desktops, tablets, and e-readers, are crucial for them to take advantage of open-source software, content management systems, vast information, and social media to perform well academically.

It’s also worth mentioning the cost of these devices. They’re no longer unnecessary expenses because they’re valuable learning tools and should be part of proper college tuition planning. Fortunately, these gadgets are not as expensive as before. College students can easily afford these by saving and making extra cash.

Looking for the right gadgets for school

Today, high-tech gadgets can come with an affordable price tag. There are so many online resources you can use to find the gadget that best suit your needs. The Internet allows you to review gadgets and compare prices so you can find cheaper items. Manufacturers and vendors are willing to match prices of their competition, so if you’re diligent in searching for the best deals, you can have the gadget you need without spending a lot. That way, you can concentrate more on college tuition planning and less on the interest rates charged on your credit card.

By next year, 3.55 million students are expected to take all classes online. The question now is, are you ready to become a tech-savvy student?


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