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With modern technology proceeding to make things smaller and more compact like it has done in the recent years, could all those 70s Sci Fi shows be telling the truth? In terms of technology?
It looks like it might be a “Yes”, Google recently announced the production, and testing of their newest project, the Google Glass, this amazing gadget is, quite literally, exactly what the name says it is, Google, inside your glasses! Google Glass, aka, “Project Glass” has astounded the world, with a camera fitted onto the side, voice recognition, and even wifi and 3g capabilities, Project Glass is very likely to change the way we see the world, quite literally.

Google being Google, they have also thrown in a bunch of interesting features, such as Google Maps, Google Now and of course, a Google Search function, all of which is controlled by voice activation. This means that no matter where your location is, you will be able to say “Ok glass, Google a nice place to eat here”, at which point, a Google Maps image will be presented to you, showing popular destinations to eat in the area.

The 720p HD camera attached to the side is capable of recording, streaming (recording and publishing to the internet for people to watch at the same time) and capturing the moments that we cherish. It once again shows the lengths that this society will go, in the pursuit of technology.

With the Google Glass able to use 3g and wifi connections, it makes you wonder as to how this will work with Data plans and Wifi usage limits,which can be common in some areas, as many of the functions involved on the Google Glass will require a connection of some type, it would be highly recommended to make sure you have a clear plans on data and Wifi usage.

It is currently being tested in the US, with 8,000 people given the chance to purchase a prototype version of the product for feedback and testing purposes for $1,500. The program, named the Glass Explorer Program, allows wifi connection, blue tooth connection and hot spot leashing via smart phones, comes in four colors and comes with a sunglasses attachment which can snap on and off quickly.

The components will be created in China, which will then be exported to the USA, where the Glass will be put together before being sold. Consumers can expect the product as early as in 2013 (for the prototype), whilst currently, the Glass cannot be used for prescription based glasses, Google are working hard to make it possible in the near future to wear the Google Glass with prescription based lenses.


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