Verizon to reveal new 4G network, VoLTE, at Mobile World Conference


Verizon 4G VoLTE network

On February 8, 2010, CNN reported that Verizon has plans to debut their new 4G network tentatively titled VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) next week at the Mobile World Conference held in Spain. The Mobile World Conference will be held from February 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain and will feature more than 1,300 company exhibits displaying new products including the Verizon LG Revolution.

An earlier, incorrect report stated that the new Verizon LG Revolution, scheduled to demonstrate the new 4G network at the conference, would have the 4G service installed in phones sold this year, but a spokesperson for Verizon confirmed to the news organization that this was a mistake. According to the report by CNN, the 4G service will be available for Verizon wireless customers in 2012.

The new 4G network will enable users to transmit a voice call with accompanying data, enabling voice and video calling services. Verizon plans to replace their entire 3G network with the clearer sounding, better audio and higher quality video reception. An added feature of the new 4G VoLTE network is that users will have the capability of making phone calls while remaining connected to the Internet.

Verizon said that the best sound will be derived between calls made on the same VoLTE networks. Calls made from the 4G network to older networks will sound as they do now.

Specifics regarding the 4G network, such as how much the service and smartphones will cost as well as whether or not all 4G phones will be capable of voice and Internet services simultaneously, have not yet been announced. More information will be revealed next week at the Mobile World Conference.


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