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Apple has really set the standard of desktop computers with their latest iMac and MacBook offerings, and the latest Mac OS X versions are the best operating systems the world has ever seen. A lot of people point out that there aren’t as many Mac apps as there are Windows or Linux apps, and that is true, however that is because Apple and Mac OS software developers have traditionally focused on quality rather than quantity, so there is less junk in the Mac software world. Users can still find almost any kind of applications for any purpose they want with ease, and below I list just a couple of them:

ScreenFlow. If you need to record the contents of your screen for a tutorial or any other kind of video, there is no better software for the purpose than ScreenFlow. It is an all in one product that allows you to both record and edit the video in a simple to use yet powerful multi-track editor. There are a lot of features that would take too long to list, with the main ones being the amazing video and audio effects and transitions, the ability to also record from external sources, encode the video in a wide variety of formats, import data from PowerPoint or Keynote, and much more!

Snapz Pro. While ScreenFlow is the best all in one solution for screen casting, not a lot of people will use its full potential, with most users needing just a few of the features for their everyday work. If that is the case, it might be better to use Snapz Pro instead – another great screen recording software that has only the most important features and also costs less than ScreenFlow. With Snapz Pro, you can easily take screenshots of your monitor and save them in most of the popular formats, and record videos quickly and painlessly. The app uses very few resources – even the first MacBook Air will have no problems running it, and you can easily save or upload the end video to Youtube with the click of a button.

Pixelmator. If you need the ability to professionally edit photos and various images, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for Photoshop or similar applications, then Pixelmator is your best choice. For only $60, you get almost all the features you might ever need for image editing in a small package with a very sleek and easy to use interface. A lot of people swear by this app, and it’s easy to see why: it supports layers, has over 20 editing tools, 15 color correction tools, over 130 integrated filters, easy Web publish options and even support for Quartz Composer, which means you can create your own plugins and filters if you’re familiar with the toolkit.

Journler. Journler is one of the most popular notebook/information manager application, along with Evernote. While the latter is more expensive, Journler provides the same features at a fraction of the cost, and it might actually be better for people who want a simple yet powerful interface. Journler is very easy to use from the get go, and you can store pretty much anything you want, from text notes and website bookmarks to video and audio notes in most formats. Organizing the information is also easy using the integrated search and filter functions, and you can integrate Journler with most of the popular apps for Mac OS X.

Growl. While the default Mac OS notifications are pretty good, Growl takes it one step further. With Growl, you can set up notifications for almost any event. For example, you can have your torrent or FTP app notify you when a download/upload is finished, when you receive a new email, your battery is low and many other things. Growl is very useful when you work with a lot of open apps or on multiple monitors or computers.

There are a lot of other great apps for Mac OS which one might want to install on their computer, and the above are just the beginning. If you ever want to install something new and experiment with your Mac or MacBook, be sure to check out the above software and search the Web for more!


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