Discovery, Fox Channels Back to iPad App


Discovery, Fox Channels Back to iPad App

During March 2011 Time Warner removed removed channels from Viacom, Fox and Discovery which streamed live television to its iPad app. At the time the company’s official statement said it was merely focusing on the ‘enlightened programmers’ who supported its cause and that it would provide replacement channels.

It now has been merely a couple of weeks since removing the channels and Time Warner has brought the majority of them back again. To the delight of the majority of its app users, Time Warner has made an announcement that Discovery and Fox channels are back on the TWCable TV iPad app.

It is currently unknown what had happened in the legal issues that initially led to the removal of the channels. Currently, all the companies involved had taken a decision to remain num on the issue.

What we do know is that we will soon be seeing who will be suing who, but for now, users are free to enjoy the channels brought back to the app until that time.

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