MP3 Downloads Just Got Cheaper!


MP3 Downloads Just Got Cheaper

Buying and downloading music online are cheap these days, by any standard. Now, they just got cheaper yet again with slashing the cost of hit MP3 downloads by a further 20 cents.

Amazon announced that it would now be offering some of its MP3s at only 69c per download. This move is in a bid to wrestle away some business from Apple, who currently dominates the market with its iTunes store.

According to a recent report by the LA Times, Amazon’s share in this market has been around 10% the last two years, while Apple held an astonishing 70% share.

Russ Crupnick, a digital music analyst at the NPD Group had an interesting take on Amazon’s new move. He said in a statement that the question is not whether you can sell a 69-cent track, it is whether you can get a customer to spend $69.

It will indeed be interesting to see whether Amazon will be in a position to increase its market-share with its 69c tracks, and whether the new move will increase business for the online retailer.


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