T-Mobile G2x May Get Gingerbread Real Soon!


T-Mobile G2x May Get Gingerbread Real Soon

Earlier we reviewed T-Mobile’s G2x mobile phone and were quite impressed with the raw power provided by the dual-core chip. One aspect, however, that did bother us was the fact that the device was not powered by Google’s latest operating system software, Gingerbread, and this while many other similar devices are released with the software.

We were somewhat impressed when we saw a Tweet on the official Twitter account of T-Mobile, stating that ‘Android 2.3 is coming to the G2x soon’. Taking into consideration that the device is the flagship product of T-Mobile, we did not expect anything less!

T-Mobile’s Twitter feed adds that Gingerbread was already being tested on the G2x, but no further information has been provided on the situation.

Another report doing the rounds is that the G2x may in fact not be a quad-band HSPA+ handset. This has not yet been confirmed. According to a report on Engadget, who made the claim, they were not in a position to get an unlocked device to test the claim on AT&T’s network. The gadget publication promised to keep readers updated on their finding, and it would surely be an interesting read and development.


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