T-Mobile Secret – You Could Slash $100 Off the Price of a G-Slate


T-Mobile Secret - You Could Slash $100 Off the Price of a G-Slate

Very few consumers are aware of the fact that they could slash a $100 off the retail price of a G-Slate tablet. This may probably be a secret T-Mobile did not intend for public consumption. Why? The company recently sent an e-mail to those who signed up for a special promotion offer.

Many people may now ask how they can go about getting that $100 saving! Simple, just phone T-Mobile and reference the special promotion code: ‘GSLATE100’ and the new 4G Honeycomb tablet are yours for only $430.

As with many too-good-to-be-true promotions, there are a catch! You can get the discount provided that you have an existing voice plan or sign up for one and are willing to commit to a two-year data contract with T-Mobile.

If these obstacles do not scare you off, go ahead and dial T-Mobile to benefit from this promotion.

The new LG G-Slate tablet is one of the latest tablets entering the tablet-wars in a very competitive market. The tablet has received great reviews from a number of sources across the Internet and may well be on its way to the top of this tablet-war race.


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