Comscore – Android Lead in US at RIMs Expense


Comscore – Android Lead in US at RIMs Expense

According to Comscore’s latest report, it was revealed that Android’s share of the United States smartphone market grew 6% in the past three months, for the period ending in March, which landed it at 34.7%.

Due to Android’s steep climb, RIM took the biggest hit, slipping 4.5 points to a share of 27.1%. This is still enough to keep RIM ahead of Apple, whose share rose to a mere 25.5%.

Microsoft and Palm (HP) slipped both slipped with less than a percentage point, to land them at fourth and fifth position, respectively.

As for mobile OEM’s, things stayed almost the same, with Samsung, LG and Motorola claiming the top three spots. Apple, however, saw a significant gain, mainly due to the launch of the iPhone on Verizon. Despite this, it was still not enough to overtake RIM who currently hangs on to the fourth spot.

The Comscore report can be viewed here


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