Google to Open a Seawater-Cooled Data Center in the Fall


Google Seawater-Cooled Data Center

Many tech analysts were amazed back in 2009 when Google purchased a Finnish paper mill. Rumors were flying all over the Internet as to what the company intended to do with a paper mill, but some analysts squashed the rumors at the time stating that the company might be looking additional space for a data center. They were right.

Google employee, Joe Kava, recently said in an interview that the company will launch its new data center in the fall. According to him, the center’s temperature will be regulated by a quarter-mile of seawater tunnels inherited from the previous tenants of the building.

Now, we think back to the Wave Trademark the company applied for some time back, which comes to play in the new data center.

According to Google, one of the biggest pitfalls with the new building was to get the system up and running and figuring out a way to clean corrosion caused by salt water without taking the system down. Not only this, but the company is also working on ways to limit the center’s impact on the surrounding ecosystem. One such issue is to cool the heated water down before it is pumped back into the ocean.

It appears as if Google is doing quite fine and the center is expected to open on time this fall.


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