i3D App Brings Glasses-Free 3D to iOS


i3D App Brings Glasses-Free 3D to iOS

Engineering Human-Computer Interaction (EHCI) Research Group recently announced its new i3D app, which is able to create a glasses-free 3D display on iDevices, using a technology known as Head-Coupled Perspective (HCP).

According to the company, HCP uses a front-facing camera to track the movements of a user’s head, allowing the app to adjust the display accordingly. The result is a monocular 3D screen that creates the illusion of looking into a box.

For those who remember back to Google I/O, Google also announced a similar technology for its Ice Cream Sandwich.

Th i3D app is now available at no costs at the Apple App store and runs on the iPad 2, iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod Touch devices.


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