New Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits the FCC


New Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits the FCC

It has been confirmed that Samsung has filed its documents with the United States FCC for its new Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch tablet. This device should not be mistaken for the thicker 10.1v, which is being introduced in Europe and Australia.

This is clear from the filing, as the older Honeycomb tablet bears the GT-P7100 codename, whereas the new filing shows off the GT-P7510 moniker for this Wi-Fi-Only 10.1-inch device.

New Galaxy Tab 10.1 back

What we do find amazing is the mysterious 1Ghz dual-core CPU, which is housed inside this thin tablet!
Well, we are sure only time will tell!

New Galaxy Tab 10.1 back 2


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