New Japanese Hi-Tech Headgear Coming Soon


New Japanese Hi-Tech Headgear Coming Soon

The latest hi-tech fashion, a set of white ears that move according to the user’s thoughts and emotions, is said to hit the market soon. The new technology will be dubbed “Necomimi”, which means ‘Cat’s Ears’ in Japanese.

With two brain-wave sensors, Necomimi, is in a position to detect and analyze the emotional state of the user, expressing it through four distinct movements.

According to a report the ears is said to shoot up when the user is nervous or focused, but will flatten when relaxed.

In a situation when a user is both relaxed and focused, as example reading a book, the ears will swirl around in a circular motion.

When brain activity is low, the ears will flap gently back and forth.

Neuro-control science are currently being developed by scientists from around the world as way to help disabled people, but the makers of Necomimi wanted to develop something for everyone to enjoy.

Although Necomimi is based on a cat theme, the meaning of the ear positions will not be the same than that of a cat compared to that of Necomimi. The meaning of ear positions have been changed to suit human perceptions, according to Kana Nakano of Neurowave, the developers of Necomimi.

According to Neurowave, Necomimi can be used as a communications tool for those who may be reclusive or shy amongst strangers, but for now the technology is aimed at the curious and fashion-conscious.

It is expected that Necomimi may be launched internationally later this year, and a price for the device has not been mentioned, although it may be sever hundreds of Dollars.


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