New Livescribe Connect Announced


New Livescribe Connect Announced

Those who acquired the Livescribe note-recording smartpen will agree that they have benefitted from a great peace of technology – and also a number of nice apps, hacks and upgrades. Livescribe is now back with a new productivity-booster, the Livescribe Connect, which allow users to share their scribbles via e-Mail, Google Docs, FaceBook, Evernote as well as the company’s own Pencast platform.

Some of the sharing options have been available, but with the upgraded technology users can now share information even as they jot down a note.

Most of the sharing options are free, but users with older versions, such as the Pulse or Echo, will need to purchase a $15 upgrade before they can share via e-Mail or Google Docs.

Unfortunately, the device still does not have the capabilities to sync and share wirelessly.


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