Samsung Announce New 64-Gigabit MLC NAND Flash – Using Toggle DDR 2.0 Interface


Samsung Announce New 64-Gigabit MLC NAND Flash

Samsung has announced that it has started production of a high-performance toggle DDR 2.0 multi-level-cell (MLC) memory chip. According to a press release, the new NAND flash chip features a 64-Gigabit density, which was made possible by an advanced 20 nanometer class process technology.

According to Samsung, the chip was designed to support the high-performance requirements of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and solid state devices.

The new chip is capable of transmitting data at a bandwidth rate of up to 400 megabits per second. This is a 10-fold increase over the 40Mbps Single Data Rate NAND flash memory in use today. This is also a three-fold increase over the current 133Mbps toggle DDR 1.0, 32GB NAND flash memory, which Samsung started manufacturing in 2009.

Samsung 64-Gigabit MLC NAND Flash

No information has yet been made available on when the technology will be made available commercially or the price.


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