Samsung Display 10.1-inch Plastic LCD in Concept Laptop


Samsung Display 10.1-inch Plastic LCD in Concept Laptop

Samsung has unveiled a new lightweight, ultra-durable, plastic LCD screen for those who need lighter and tougher screens for their devices, at the SID 2011.

The new 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 wunderpanel could easily be the next innovation for durable mobile devices, which include laptops and tablets. The new technology cuts thickness by as much as two-thirds and comes at one-fifth the weight of a glass LCD.

Although the technology sounds great to many clumsy users, it has some drawbacks. Currently it suffers from poor off-axis viewing angles and the entire surface consists of a visible wavy texture.

Samsung made no mention if or when the technology will be made available commercially. So, for now, it appears as if easy-to-break displays are not going anywhere.

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