The New Kindle 3G Gets Ad-Supported $164 Version


The New Kindle 3G Gets Ad-Supported $164 Version

It has indeed been a busy week for e-Readers! We saw the launch of the new Barnes & Noble’s Nook as well as a finger-friendly Kobo. Now, not to be left in the cold, Amazon entered the battlefield and announced an ad-supported version of its Kindle 3G at a lowered price.

Many readers would not agree with the term ‘lowered price’ as we will indeed be simply paying by other means. The new Kindle 3G with Special Offers is Amazon’s second e-reader which features built-in advertising.

The new Nook was released on the market at a price of $139, while the Kobo made its appearance at $129. The new ad-supported Kindle 3G was announced at a price of $164.


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