Weather HD Now Available for Mac


Weather HD Now Available for Mac

Weather HD is a popular iOS application, which allows iPad or iPhone users to use their devices as a window into a weather world around them. The application makes use of full screen animations to show the weather, instead of only numbers and small icons the majority of applications make use of today.

Vimov, the creators of Weather HD, now announced the launch of a Weather HD app for Mac, which will take the basic premise of their simplified app to a new level.

First off, the animations on the new app for Mac look even better than that of the iPhone or the iPad. The new application for Mac users offers a host of features, which simply turns a Mac PC into a full weather center! Users are in a position to view hourly forecasts, phase and cycles of the moon, current and next day cloud, temperature, dew, humidity and wind maps.

Unfortunately, the application does have some limitations in terms of usability. It also does not have a screensaver option, which would be great if we could view weather information when a computer is in idle-mode. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow screensavers in apps listed in the App Store, so hopefully we will see this change at some time.

The new app is available at the App Store at a price of $3.99.


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