Airbus Unveils New Transparent Plane Concept for 2050


Airbus Unveils New Transparent Plane Concept for 2050

French airplane maker, Airbus has just unveiled its latest concept plane, which feature a glass membrane fuselage to give travelers an exciting traveling experience.

According to Airbus, the new concept plane could possibly be a reality by 2050 and it will feature a host of future technology not found today.

The new transparent membrane of the plane will mimic the efficiency of bird bone and will assist in regulating temperature within the new concept plane.

According to the company, the concept plane may also feature things like virtual gaming rooms, head up displays and a smart-tech business area for those who need to attend to work rather than playing a game of virtual golf up in the air.

Airbus stated that the new concept cabin is designed with a seamless travel experience and caring environment in mind.

We wonder, whether this new design will strike any fear in travelers?


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