Apple Claims More Samsung Products Copycats Its Own


Apple Claims More Samsung Products Copycats Its Own
Back in April 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for intellectual property violations in which it alleged that Samsung’s Galaxy S, Nexus S, Epic 4G and the Galaxy Tab products were copycat devices that resembled a number of Apple’s products.

Now, Apple has expanded the initial lawsuit to include more Samsung devices, including the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S, Gravity, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S II.

Apple also believes that Samsung’s hardware QWERTY sporting Sidekick is also infringing on its intellectual property.

It will be quite interesting to see where the lawsuit would lead, but if readers remember, Samsung also shot back at Apple asking for an injunction to see more information on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 3.


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