How HTC Will Get the Desire to Run Gingerbread


How HTC Will Get the Desire to Run Gingerbread
For a long time HTC Desire users have been waiting for a Gingerbread update for their handsets. The promised update had been delayed on several occasions, until HTC announced earlier this week that an update for the Desire would not be possible.

The company cited memory issues and claimed that the HTC Desire did not have sufficient memory in running Gingerbread as an operating system on the device.

Yesterday, the company had a change of heart, claiming that it will now again bring a Gingerbread update to the HTC Desire. According to the latest information from HTC, the company will do away with a select number of applications on the device in order to ensure sufficient memory in running Gingerbread on the handset as an operating system.

There is still no official word on whether the company’s latest ideas will work by removing certain apps or when the update will be made available.

What we do know is that if apps are removed in order to make use of Gingerbread as an operating system, users will certainly be limited in future by adding new additional apps to their devices.


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