iTunes Match May Not be Coming to the UK Before 2012


iTunes Match May Not be Coming to the UK Before 2012

While many music collectors in the United States will be able to subscribe to Apple’s iTunes Match service this coming fall, it would appear that users in the United Kingdom will need to wait until 2012 before they can start uploading their libraries to the cloud.

According to information doing the rounds, Apple has just started its negotiations process with British music labels and it is expected that the processes will not be finalized before 2012.

The process has been compared to the normal iTunes service when it was launched in the United States and the rest of the world only had access about 14 months later.

The UK’s industry approach may be one that waits and see how the service would affect download sales in the United States before they sign up to anything. This may cause significant delays in the launch of the service in the United Kingdom.

Neither Apple nor any of the British labels commented on the negotiations currently ongoing in the country.


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