New MacBook Airs to Hit Retail Stores this Wednesday?


New MacBook Airs to Hit Retail Stores this Wednesday

According to a new rumor, it is suggested that the new range Apple MacBook Airs may hit retail stores as early as Wednesday. The information comes from Chronic, renowned Apple leak-artist, who claimed on Twitter that he is 100% sure that the new iteration of the ultra-thin laptop will be landing in Apple stores on Wednesday morning.

Chronic is basing his suggestion on the fact that meetings are thought to be happening at Apple Stores on Tuesday. These meetings usually signal new products are about to hit shelves and he has no doubt that this will be the new MacBook Air laptops.

The new MacBook Air is expected to remain identical in terms of size and build, but it will now include the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors and support for the super-fast Thunderbird I/O technology.

It was earlier reported that Apple has placed an order for almost 400,000 new MacBook Airs to be produced in June.

Whether this will indeed be the new MacBook Air range laptops to be released in Apple Stores this coming Wednesday remains to be seen.


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