New Online Tool can Predict Gamers’ MMO Behavior


New Online Tool can Predict Gamers’ MMO Behavior
It has been reported that a new tool is being developed by researchers from the North Carolina State University, which can apparently predict the behavior of players in MMOs. According to information, the new tool can predict with an accuracy rate of 80% what players in online games are about to do next. This could be very useful for the way in which games are being played in the future.

According to a report by Brent Harrison, they were able to predict what a player in a game will do based on his or her previous behavior, with up to 80% accuracy. He added that in a game like World of Warcraft, which is constantly developing new content, this could help guide content design decisions.

In researching the new technology, World of Warcraft was used with 14,000 players tracked to determine what people did in various situations.

No information has been made available on when the technology may be made available for public use or if this will indeed ever be done.


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