Sega Confirms Sega Pass Hacking – LulzSec Vows Revenge


Sega Confirms Sega Pass Hacking – LulzSec Vows Revenge

Sega confirmed in a media statement today that information belonging to 1.3 million customers of its Sega Pass service has been stolen from its database, in the latest incident of cyber attacks on high profile websites around the world.

According to Sega, names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords of users of the Sega Pass online network had been compromised. The company confirmed that credit card information was safe and had not been breached.

The Sega Pass service is currently down and it is unclear when it would be restarted.

Sega also confirmed that it immediately notified all clients affected on Thursday when the hacking incident became known.

In an unexpected move, LulzSec, a group of hackers who recently launched a wave of online attacks on online websites themselves, has come afore and offered their assistance in tracking down and punishing the hackers who broke into the Sega Pass website.


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