The Panasonic ToughBook 19 Gets an Upgrade


The Panasonic ToughBook 19 Gets an Upgrade

Panasonic has decided that it is now time for its 10-inch convertible tablet, the ToughBook 19, to get its annual upgrade. Although not much has changed on the outside, it would appear that the majority of changes happened under the hood of this device.

The internals of the ToughBook 19 has now been given a Sandy Bridge upgrade along with a new TransflectivePlus screen for computing purposes in direct sunlight. According to Panasonic, the new Core i5 found inside the ToughBook 19 is not of the ULV variety, but is rather a standard voltage 2520m powering the fanless design.

In addition, the newly renovated ToughBook 19 will come standard with 4GB of RAM and has a paid or SSD options for added durability.

The new ToughBook 19 will be available on sale during September, with a hefty price tag of $3,349.


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