Vuzix Star 1200 Augmented Reality Headset Unveiled


Vuzix Star 1200 Augmented Reality Headset Unveiled

We all know that augmented reality headsets currently available on the market surely cost us an arm and a leg. These devices are out of reach of the majority of consumers around the world, but now the Vuzix Star 1200 is about to change this.

At a price tag of $5,000 many would argue that the new Vuzix Star 1200 is a lot of money to pay for a pair of glasses which allows a person to see things that are not really there. The price, however, is certainly miles cheaper that the sort of military-grade options currently available on the market.

The new headset features motion sensors and a camera that tracks reality in order to augment it via 3D computer generated graphics.

The headset will be shipping in August and is now available on pre-order.


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