5 great apps to check out if you have a Samsung smartphone running Bada OS


5 great apps to check out if you have a Samsung smartphone running Bada OS
Besides Android, Windows 7 Phone and iOS, there are many other operating systems for mobile devices, which work more or less the same, but of course lack the big user base and number of apps on the market of the top 3. Blackberry OS is a good example, and now, you can count Samsung’s own Bada OS in the same line.

This OS was originally intended for feature phones and it didn’t have any extensive functionality, but the latest 2.0 version changes everything. It’s got multitasking, it’s got a brand new interface that is basically a copy of Samsung’s own Touch Wiz for Android, and it has great support for third party apps, with a lot of good stuff already on the new Samsung Apps marketplace. Here’s just a sampling of what you can find there:

iPlayer. iPlayer is one of the best media players for Bada (actually there aren’t that many good players, but from what is available, iPlayer is the best), which can play the most popular audio formats as well as a lot of video formats. The interface looks pretty clean and although there are no advanced features like you’ll find on many Android and iPhone apps, the app does its job pretty well.

iPlayer for Bada OS
SPB TV. If you like watching TV, you’ll love this app. It allows you to stream TV right to your smartphone’s screen from over 200 channels around the world. It’s pretty cool watching them, although it’s mostly news and local TV shows, since the really good stuff is never free.

Angry Birds. Angry Birds seems to be everywhere nowadays, and I’m starting to think that’s why the game is so popular :-). Of course, it became available for Bada OS as soon as the OS started supporting apps, and it’s one of the most popular apps on the market by the number of downloads. The game itself is exactly the same as on other platforms, so you’ll have tons of fun destroying the pigs’ castles and fortifications using the super powered birds :-).

Angry Birds Bada OS
SpringPad. SpringPad is one of the most popular note taking apps on the Android market, and it looks like it’s been ported directly to Bada OS. Hopefully it works fine on all smartphones, because it’s really a must have for anyone who uses their phone to store various information for later review. Not only that, but it can also work as a pretty good task manager, with To Do and tasks lists, reminders and more.

TweetCaster. TweetCaster is the number one Twitter client for Bada OS, and a must have if you use the popular network. It has a pretty clean and colorful interface that helps you do everything quickly and painlessly, with custom widgets to stay in touch with the latest updates from the people/companies you follow and more.

TweetCaster for Bada OS
If you got a Bada phone, you don’t have to regret your decision anymore. While it’s true that this OS is meant for beginners and was used on feature phones until recently, the new 2.0 version changes everything and adds a lot of functionality. Just check the above apps and see for yourself.


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