New security bug found on iOS 5.0.1, grants access to camera roll


iPhone 4S
A week ago, iPhoneIslam uncovered a security bug in the latest iOS version – 5.0.1. Today, a similar bug showed up and this time, it allows access to your camera roll.

The new security bug works on iPhone 4 and might be just as effective on the iPhone 4S because of their similarities in design. It was discovered by iPatch, a team of iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone repair specialists based in United Kingdom. Like the bug revealed to us by iPhoneIslam last week, this one also allows bypassing of the passcode. Unlike last week’s bug however, this one is easier to pull off.

Along with the latest iOS version, battery access is required with this newfound bug. This explains why it’s easier to perform on iPhone 4 and 4S. Simply remove the two bottom screws found behind an iPhone and slide off the rear cover. Right after, the passcode would disappear and the camera roll will show up on the screen.

When done the right way, a hacker can access your camera roll. Your most recent shenanigans will blow up right before the very eyes of a hacker – which can be your girlfriend, your other girlfriend, your mom, your dad, or anyone else you’ve been keeping nasty secrets from.

My advice? Be totally honest and don’t keep secrets from anyone. If you find that hard to do, place your phone underneath your pillow while you sleep and keep it close to you on all other occasions. It takes time and the right tools to open up your precious iPhone so don’t give anyone that time.


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