Samsung Galaxy S III Launching in Beginning of 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3
The Samsung Company will be launching its Galaxy S II and the launch is expected to be huge, much like the launch of the Galaxy S II was. Right now, the specifications that come along with the Galaxy S III are actually unknown although there has been much speculation on the internet, with many people making some predictions on which types of specifications the phone will come equipped with. While nothing has been set in stone yet, an official statement was made by Techradar, stating that the manufacturer has revealed the phone will get is own launch. The statement included that Samsung is excited to introduce new mobile phones and product at the Mobile World Congress this year.

The Galaxy S3 was actually expected to be much like the S2, only better, with a faster processor and a better screen, amongst various other upgraded features. However, because Samsung is now pushing back the launch of the mobile phone, some believe there may be a delay in manufacturing. Some believe it may be a way to compete with the iPhone 5, which has been rumored of being released sometime during July.


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