Blackberry 10 – RIM’s last glimmer of hope now in beta, app developers invited to Jam event


Whoever told you Blackberry was dead? Research In Motion is hosting an event in Orlando, Florida. The event – called Blackberry 10 Jam – is exclusive to app developers. Those who sign up will get a developer prototype which they can use to make apps for Blackberry 10, the latest Blackberry software.

RIM is releasing the first beta version of Blackberry 10 developer tools at the event. Among the developer tools to be released include:

• Blackberry 10 Native SDK
• Blackberry 10 WebWorks SDK
• Blackberry 10 Adobe Air SDK
• and Blackberry 10 SDK for Android apps

In addition to the four aforementioned developer tools, RIM will also distribute Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha to app developers who show up. It’s a prototype which can be used for designing apps compatible with the Blackberry 10 form factor. Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha lacks the functionality of a phone and isn’t intended for end users. RIM is keeping their latest OS under wraps though. The prototype will be released with a modified version of PlayBook OS and not the existing beta version of Blackberry 10. Blackberry platform experts will also show up at Jam to teach attendees how to build apps for their next-generation OS.

Blackberry 10 is a QNX-based smartphone OS due for release early this year. But since it’s still on beta its launch was delayed to fall. Needless to say, the future of Research In Motion rests in Blackberry 10. Asia is the only market where they continue to sell many Blackberries but in North America and more recently, Canada, their market shares continue to slip. It’s not clear how the “SDK for Android apps” would play out though. It might be that the new OS supports Android apps. What really interests me is the possibility of RIM debuting a new phone showcasing Blackberry 10 since it’s been a few months since they released one. While it’s impossible to regain the empire they lost over Blackberry 10, our nostalgic selves make us hope it’s enough to keep the now-struggling RIM alive.

Registration for Blackberry 10 Jam is still ongoing but seats are limited. App developers who want to join the event can sign up at

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