Moverio BT 100 – first Android-powered glasses now available in US


Within hours after Clarion unveiled the first Android-powered stereo, Epson announced another first in the tech industry – the first Android-powered see-through wearable display. Epson calls it Moverio BT-100. While it just looks like a pair of funky sunglasses MC Hammer would wear, its technology is far beyond anyone would’ve imagined – well, except for Google who might be working on Google Glasses. We first saw Moverio BT-100 at CES 2012 as a prototype, but is now available for sale in the US. Strangely enough, Moverio has been on sale in Japan for months now.

It may be hard to understand how it works at first but we’re here to make things simpler for you to comprehend. Basically, you wear these glasses and an 80-inch display will be projected in your real environment. Using the controller wired to the glasses, you can browse the web, stream videos, play games, and interact with the content you are seeing. Everything will be done in private since only you are able to see the content.

Moverio BT-100 has Wi-Fi connectivity built into the controller – this is what allows us to go online and stream videos and music among many others. Included in the box are detachable earphones with surround sound which makes entertainment truly on-the-go. Downloading content and watching them later is also possible with this innovative gadget. It has a 1GB internal storage and a microSDHC card slot capable of supporting up to 32GB of memory. A 4GB memory card is included in the package. Finally, because no viewing experience would be complete without flash, Moverio gets Adobe Flash 11 support.

The 6-hour battery life on Moverio BT-100 is not much to talk about but it’s enough for on-the-go entertainment. Google Play support was not announced but unlikely – we’re pretty sure it’s preloaded with useful apps though. The see-through wearable display is currently available for pre-order in Amazon for $699.99 or you can always visit Epson’s Store online and check with retailers for availability.


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