Rumor: Apple launching an 8GB iPad 2 on March 7 along with iPad 3


Getting tired of iPad rumors? Don’t be. DigiTimes says Apple is thinking of launching an 8GB iPad 2 on next week’s event.

Oh, you haven’t heard? Apple is hosting a media event at San Francisco on Wednesday, March 7. Invitations have been sent to expected guests. Based on previous reports by The Loop, iPad 3 will be announced during the gathering. Apple may accept iPad 3 pre-orders by March 7 too. But news of an 8GB iPad 2 didn’t show up until today.

A 16GB iPad 2 currently retails for $499. Once iPad 3 is available in stores, its price may go down to $399. By releasing an 8GB model, its retail price could go down further to $299.

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone model, they release an 8GB version of its predecessor. Take for example iPhone 4 – when it was released, an 8GB version of iPhone 3GS was later sold for a cheaper price. An 8GB iPad is an odd move for though. iPads are limited to 16, 32, and 64GB models – until next week that is, if this new rumor is true.

8GB is too small for a tablet. It’s not enough to hold a collection of music, videos, and photos. The iOS software takes up more than 1GB, leaving an actual free space of around 6.8GB. iCloud can maximize its storage though. Thanks to Apple’s cloud services, I think we should all be excited about the cheaper iPad 2.


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