Samsung to manufacture the next new iPad – wait, what?


The new iPad has twice the pixels found in today’s highest-resolution tablets. Its dual-core A5X chip delivers 4 times better graphics performance than NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3. At least, that’s what Apple claims. Apple may have set the bar with their latest tablet but the company truly owes its success to Samsung. According to rumors, Samsung has been working on a “new iPad” of their own featuring the same high-resolution screen but with more monstrous specs. The Android-powered tablet will be called Galaxy Tab 11.6”.

Critics say no one can surpass Apple’s devices – including the new iPad. If Apple made every piece of hardware in all their products, I would’ve believed them. The fact is, Apple doesn’t make their own hardware. They acquire hardware from outside sources. That alone jeopardizes the unrivaled greatness of Apple’s products. Why? Because manufacturers shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with products that have better hardware, especially if they are partly behind Apple’s successful products.

Well it just so happens that Samsung is the maker of the new iPad’s Retina Display. Vinita Jakhanwal, senior manager of iSuppli HIS, confirmed this. The same company supplies A5X chips for the new iPad, she adds. In fact, Samsung has been supplying processors to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch for quite some time now.

Retina Display is the new iPad’s most notable feature. Apparently, Samsung is making a “new iPad” of their own with a similar, high-resolution display. Called Galaxy Tab 11.6”, the Android tablet will feature an 11.6-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution. And because the A5X processor is rather disappointing, Samsung will instead use a faster, 2GHz quad-core GPU for their iPad competitor.

I’m sure Samsung will come up with more monstrous specs than these two. If you want the new iPad’s Retina Display but prefer Android, just give Sammy more time. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about Galaxy Tab 11.6” in the future.


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