Max Payne Mobile coming to iOS and Android this April


Max Payne is a popular game franchise which started as a third-person shooter game on Windows PC before making its way to a myriad of platforms including Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and GameBoy Advance. Setting it apart from games of the same kind is its exciting gunplay and mystery-solving elements amidst gritty, noir storytelling. Going through the game feels much more like a comic book coming to life and you, the player, will assume the role of Max Payne – a former NYPD detective and DEA agent turned fugitive. Three years after its re-release for Xbox 360, Max Payne is headed for the two largest mobile platforms – iOS and Android.

Rockstar is porting Max Payne to iOS and Android this April. The same publisher ported the game to GameBoy Advance, Playstation 2, and Xbox from its original PC format. The game will be called Max Payne Mobile and feature HD resolution, customizable controls for better navigation, and a possible wireless controller support for Android phones. In addition to the action-packed gameplay and customizable controls, Max Payne Mobile for iOS and Android will also feature a Social Club which could be a platform for social interaction with other players.

Gameplay revolves on the character of Max Payne whose wife and newborn daughter was murdered. Shortly after being transferred to DEA from his position as an NYPD detective, he became a fugitive out to hunt those responsible for his family’s death. As the story unfolds, you will go through a series of time-based gun fights and mind-boggling mysteries. Max Payne’s monologue will guide you through each level so you’d know what to do. The surreal nightmares and drug-related hallucinations are to be wary about and not for weak-hearted gamers. All in all, it’s a classic game everyone should look forward to – both fans and noobs alike.

Maxy Payne Mobile will first arrive on iOS this April 10, followed by the Android version on April 26. Rockstar didn’t give us a price but it should be no more than $10 if they follow the pricing of Grand Theft Auto 3. Enter the world of Max Payne, take on the thrill ride, and meet a bunch of interesting characters in this exciting but otherwise straightforward game. Only a few more weeks before it hits Apple Store and Google Play.


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