Past week’s gadget news – Galaxy S3, Apple iPad tablet, Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook and more


Another week, another news recap, and there’s enough of them to fill a short eBook with. But we’ll stick with the most important items, so here it goes:

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was finally released

Last week’s top news item by far was the launch of the Galaxy S3 – one of the most awaited smartphones in the world. The new smartphone has drawn in a lot of attention, with a lot of people being divided on their opinions: on one hand, it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary that we haven’t seen in other devices, on the other hand, it’s a sure evolution of the Galaxy S line, and with the new hardware and software additions, it is certainly one of the best flagship Android phones in the world. The phone brings a quad core processor, 4.8 inch display, a new slim and attractive design and many software features, including the Siri competitor, S-Voice.
Availability of Samsung Galaxy S3

Lenovo is getting serious about tablets and smartphones, investing $800 million into new facilities

Lenovo seems to be really serious about getting into the mobile game – not only have they been the first company to release an Intel-powered smartphone, but they’ve also announced plans for an $800 million investment into new facilities that would focus on tablet and smartphone development – devices, as well as new technologies to give the company an edge.

Apple’s iPad still dominates the tablet market with a 68% share

You might not be surprised to hear this, but Apple’s iPad is still the dominant player on the tablet market. Despite the over a dozen Android tablets that have hit the market in the past two years and which are more advanced both hardware and software wise, the iPads still outsell all of them by a large margin – Apple’s device holds 68% of the worldwide market, which is quite impressive.

Samsung revealed the Ivy Bridge-equipped Series 9 Ultrabook

Samsung’s Series 9 are among the best Ultrabooks you can find on the market, and just a few days ago, the company has announced that the Ivy Bridge updated models are on their way. They haven’t yet announced a specific release date, but it’s safe to assume that the new Ultrabooks will be arriving this summer, bringing more battery life and performance to an already near-perfect device.

Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market in Q1 2012, taking 99% of the profits

More surprising than Apple’s dominance on the tablet market is the division of sales on the smartphones market – Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s smartphones (mostly the Galaxy S models) take home a whopping 99% of the profits for the first quarter of this year, with HTC getting the remaining 1% and all the other companies losing money on their devices. A good situation for Apple and Samsung, but an undoubtedly bad one for all the other companies and the wonderful smartphones they released.

Verizon is one of the first companies to offer text to 911 services to its users

FCC’s plan to introduce 911 texting has come and gone from the news in less than a month, but companies did take note of it, and now Verizon has announced that they’re working to bring SMS to 911 services to their users by 2013 – now you won’t need to be heard in order to report a crime, and deaf or mute users will be able to use the services, as well.

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