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Our Tech Digest aims to keep you up to date with the latest developments, announces and releases in the tech world. There’s always something new being announced every week in the industry, so there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of. Here’s today’s pick of the top gadgets and accessories you should know about:

Meta wants to bring a real AR experience with their Meta.01 glasses

Google Glass and Oculus Rift are the talk of the tech world these days, but while both of them bring something useful to the table, neither is a true Augmented Reality device. Meta’s glasses, however, are. The company is aiming to bring the first true AR glasses to the market, and even though their prototype is rather ugly, it’s functional and demonstrates the full power of the headset and Augmented Reality (which Meta calls Mediated Reality for some reason – come on guys, it’s not trademarked… yet).

Meta.01 augmented reality glasses

Meta.01 augmented reality glasses

Meta’s glasses puts a pair of screens right on front of your eyes, which you can see through and which makes it possible to project anything virtual into the real world – the applications are vast, from watching movies on a large screen that only exists in front of you, to multiple monitors for work, to AR gaming and a more connected Internet. The glasses have two displays, a camera, motion sensors, a distance sensor, and more. You can see the demos on their

Withings Pulse lets you stay healthy and track your progress with ease

In news less exciting but still useful, Withings’ new Pulse gadget brings activity tracking for your fitness and health needs in a nice, small enclosure that has more features than the competition. The Pulse is compact, can be clipped anywhere, has a two day battery and packs a pedometer, altimeter, sleep tracker and a heart rate sensor, as well. With all that and the cloud software and mobile apps from the company, you can get a lot of information about your daily exercise/training and sleep and use it to improve it – at $100, it costs the same as the competition and offers more features.

PowerA’s Moga Power controllers let you game on your smartphone while it’s charging

PowerA is definitely onto something with their Moga gamepads/controllers for smartphones – they’re basically the NVidia Shield at a fraction of the cost. The controller quality was a bit low in the first version, but now the company has two new offers – the Moga Pro Power and Moga Hero Power, which feature better controllers and a built in battery that lets you charge your phone while you play your favorite games (or more precisely, not discharge your phone while you play the games). The price hasn’t yet been announced, but seeing as the older Moga Pro is $50, we can expect the new gamepads to cost around the same.

Moga Pro Power controller

Moga Pro Power controller

The Razer Tartarus is an affordable, high quality keypad for gamers and professionals

Razer’s latest gaming accessory is the Tartarus – a more affordable version of the Orbweaver and a must have for any professional gamer or video/audio editor who wants a more comfortable way to control their work. At $79, you get the same features as the higher end keypad, minus the adjustable body and a row of keys (which are also not mechanical anymore). Other than that, you can customize your controls to suit your needs and the keypad has the same build quality and almost the same feel.

Razer Tartarus

razer tartarus

Ceton’s InfiniTV 6 PCIe lets you watch up to 6 HD channels simultaneously on your HTPC

If you have a HTPC and want to use it to watch your favorite HD TV channels, but don’t want yet another device that sits around with it’s own power supply, then Ceton’s latest offer is for you: the InifiniTV 6 PCIe is a HDTV tuner that fits in any x1 PCI-Express slot and gives you the ability to watch and/or record up to 6 channels at once – useful if you don’t want to miss anything on TV or use your HTPC as a distribution box for all the rooms in your house (so you can have up to 6 different devices like an Xbox, DVR and a HDTV in the living room receiving their own streams at the same time).

InfiniTV 6 PCIe

InfiniTV 6 PCIe

That’s it for today – be sure to check back often if you want to stay up to date with the latest and best news and developments in the tech industry – there’s always something exciting happening here!


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