The first ever Open Source JavaScript microcontroller for gadgets


Projected by Gordon Williams from UK, the small computer named Espruino is absolutely innovative way to control your home devices and gadgets.

And the most exciting part of this project is that it’s not only for red-eyed geeks who knows how to deal with electronics in deep, but for absolute noobs as well. If you are not a javascript programer you can edit and modify settings of your gadget with supplied Web-based graphical code editor.

As i’ve mentioned – no complex programming tools are required, as soon as you type a command it executes and you see immediate results.

The developer will release all software and hardware components with an OpenSource Licesnse, so that Espruino controller can easily be ported to other platforms, such as Arduino, Carambola, Raspberry Pi, and even the Sony Smartwatch! Also, it should be compatible with almost all well-known platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android and even iOS.

espruino javascript microcontroller

espruino javascript microcontroller

Here are the technical specifications:

STM32 32-bit 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 CPU
256KB of Flash memory, 48KB of RAM
Input Voltage Range of 3.6v to 15v
Battery connector
Built-in SD card connector
Red, Green and Blue LEDs
Pads to allow HC-05 Bluetooth modules to be added
Extremely low profile
0.1″ Pin spacing
44 GPIO Pins, which can handle: 26 PWM Pins, 16 ADC Pins, 3 USARTs, 2 SPI, 2 I2C and 2 DACs
Prototype area which can be used in many different configurations, for example: Servo Headers, Up to 14x 500mA outputs, 2x .NET Gadgeteer connectors, or NRF24L01+ wireless transceiver modules


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