Emotiv Insight – wearable headset translates your brainwaves into meaningful information


The Emotiv Insight is the next amazing project we would like to explore for you, which taking few steps forward in bio technology and information.

What is it? This is wearable, 5 channel wireless Neuroheadset that can read your brainwaves and a mobile app that translates those signals into meaningful data everyone can understand.

Emotiv Insight Neuroheadset

Emotiv Insight Neuroheadset

Emotiv Insight measures electrical activity from 5 different regions of the brain around the cerebral cortex. This spatial resolution is crucial to getting EEG data that will allow you to receive more in depth information on your brain activity.
Emotive Insight Battery Concept

Emotive Insight Battery Concept

Emotiv’s Brainwear technology Kickstarter campaign to track cognitive health surpases $1M and shows current demand for self-driven, non-invasive, preventative options for people who are interested in more wellness and fitness solutions to improve their quality of life.

image credit: Emotive Insight


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