HWTrek Launches New Crowdfunding Platform for Digital Hardware

HWTrek crowdfunding platform

HWTrek crowdfunding platform

HWTrek (Hardware Trek) has set out to change the crowdfunding model for hardware projects with the launch of its new platform designed exclusively for digital hardware.

Crowdfunding hardware projects is not a new concept, but for the makers behind hardware crowdfunding campaigns, going from prototype to mass production can be an immense challenge and many have failed. In fact, Kickstarter revised its guidelines for hardware and product design projects to prevent “vaporware” and future disappointed backers.

The new HWTrek platform will pair hardware concepts and their project teams with experts in the design and manufacturing world. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, HWTrek has a built-in and open community—with more than thirty individuals and companies, including some of the largest global ODM/OEMs—providing support for makers not only during funding, but at every stage of the manufacturing process. They also don’t charge an upfront service fee, as they’re not an outsourcing service provider.

This expertise will help ensure that projects are designed and delivered at very high-quality levels, on time and on budget–overcoming a common issue among hardware innovators on other crowdfunding platforms.

They have just launched their closed beta site and to celebrate, HWTrek is giving away up to $200,000 to five projects submitted before Oct 31st. If a project team raises $50,000 on the platform, HWTrek will match funds with an extra $20,000, or a total of $40,000 for teams that raise $100,000 or more.

Hardware creators are welcome to submit their project ideas at hwtrek.com


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