New Lenovo Phablet, the Vibe Z Announced

Lenovo Vibe Z phablet

Lenovo Vibe Z phablet

Lenovo, the world’s best laptop manufacturer has just announced the Vibe Z, a new phablet that could possibly fill each and every one of our smartphone needs.

Whilst the Lenovo Vibe Z may not have any killer smartphone features, its hardware capabilities should turn a few heads.

This is because along with the Snapdragon 800 SoC, the 2GB of RAM, and the 5.5 inch IPS 1080p display with an amazing 400ppi, the Lenovo Vibe Z has a few features that many smartphones seem to leave untouched.

The first of these features in the Lenovo Vibe Z is dual-SIM capability. This will allow users to easily make phone calls, text, and browse the internet via two different SIM cards. With Android’s built-in dual SIM software features, it will be easy to pre-select each SIM card to complete different tasks, allowing you to use one SIM for one reason, and another SIM for another reason.

It will also have 4G LTE+ connectivity, and what sounds like a very impressive camera. The camera on the Lenovo Vibe Z will be a Sony IMX135 that uses a 1/3.06” Exmor-RS sensor with 13-Megapixel resolution and a fast f/1.8 lens, great image processing algorithms, and a dual-LED flash to help improve low-light performance.

For those without a clue what that means- in simple terms, the camera on the Lenovo Vibe Z will be more than capable of taking high resolution images that won’t include any noticeable noise, colour wash or granularity, regardless of lighting conditions.

On top of this, the new phablet by the laptop manufacturer is rumored to have a very beefy battery, and hopefully, along with 4.4 KitKat, it will be more than capable of holding over a day’s worth of battery.

Right now, the Vibe Z has only been announced for the Chinese market, however it’s smaller brother, the Vibe X, has already been rumored for international markets, so we’re holding our breath on an international release.

Source: Lenovo (Chinese)


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