LG G Flex US Prices Now Available


It’s taken a while, but the LG G Flex has finally made it’s way from one side of the world in Korea, to the other side, in North America, and a few carriers have now listed the LG G Flex both online and in-store, along with prices for the device.

Pre-orders for the new flexible LG G Flex start on January 24th at AT&T, however details haven’t been given on when pre-ordered devices will actually arrive to their customers. The price for the LG G Flex starts at $299.99 on contract, which is a little pricy, but definitely expected.

Sprint has also confirmed that they will be carrying the new LG flexible smartphone, however their pre-orders will only open up on January 31st, but devices will be available for a straight up purchase on this date, too.

It’s likely AT&T pre-orders for the LG G Flex will arrive around the same time as the availability of the G Flex on Sprint’s network, however we can’t be certain till more information has been given.

The LG G Flex has hit the media as a good innovation in technology, but at this point in time, it’s mostly unneeded, and a few technical problems that have occurred because of LG’s rush to get the device to the market have definitely made this an undesirable device for the general public.

If LG manage to push the price down for newer innovations in the flexible smartphone space, whilst getting closer to true flexibility in a smartphone, they may just be able to conquer the market, but until then, they’ll have to fight against Samsung for the top spot.

We’ll keep you updated on any more news about the North American availability for the G Flex, but for now, it is available on both Sprint and AT&T in the United States.

Source: ATT


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