Fancy New Black Galaxy S4 Announced

Galaxy S4 black edition

Galaxy S4 black edition

Samsung follows a typical pattern each year for their flagship device, and it goes like this – Release the first version, with various different storage variants. Then, wait a few months, and release new color variants. Then, wait a few more months, and release even more color variants.

This year, it seems like Samsung have waited again to release another brand new variant of the Galaxy S4, and this time, it is a fancy new black Galaxy S4. Admittedly, the device does look pretty nice, but it makes me wonder why Samsung would release this now, a couple of months before their next flagship release, instead of earlier in the year.

On top of the fancy new Black color, the Galaxy S4 variant will come with the same faux leather back casing that has been present on all of the new Galaxy devices since the Note 3, which makes it the first S4 to ever have this new casing.

A smaller black S4 mini has been announced to accompany the new S4, but once again, it’s likely a Galaxy S5 mini won’t be too far off, so it’d be a strange purchase for most of us.

Unfortunately, the inner hardware of the Galaxy S4 has not undergone a new lick of paint. Although there has been an updated Snapdragon 800 touting Galaxy S4 Advance, the new black variant only comes with the original Snapdragon 600, along with 2GB of RAM and a 5 inch 1080P display.

The mini has also got the same specifications as every other variant of it’s kind currently on the market. This consists of a dual core Snapdragon 400, and a 4.3 inch 540×960 resolution display.

The new S4 can be picked up for the equivalent of $660 in Russia next month, and the mini can be bought for $460. No details on an international release have yet been given.

Source: Sammobile


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